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The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA) endeavors to collect works and provide educational programs related to Taiwan’s art history. In its collection are the works of many renowned Taiwanese artists that have been preserved for over a century. This exhibition mostly includes paintings with a Taiwan-related theme. Entitled Travel Impressions of Taiwan, it brings viewers back in time to observe Taiwan’s past natural and cultural landscapes against the backdrop of Taiwan’s art history.
Taiwan Buffalo
Huang Tu-shui
Mt. Jade Covered in Snow
Ma Pai-sui
Sunset at An-ping
Ho Chao-chu
Jhuang Jhe
Hsia Yang
Jian Su Bao Pu
Dong Yang-zih
CHEN Tao-ming
War and Peace No.1
Chen Shing-wan
Peacock in Pride
Lin Chih-Chu
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Selected Albums from the Collection of NTMoFA - I.Terroir and sight
Hsinin WU, Yenching CHEN, Hsin HUANG, Ting CHENG.
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