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Conservation and Renovate
Art in the Eyes of Science的焦點圖
Art in the Eyes of Science
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Asian Painting Restoration: ZHOU Lien Hsi的焦點圖
Asian Painting Restoration: ZHOU Lien Hsi
The museum’s collected Asian paintings consist of ink painting and gouache artworks, which are mostly created on traditional handmade xuan paper, hemp paper, or on silk. The final artworks are either mounted and made into scrolls or framed, which are the distinctive ways that Asian paintings are conserved and displayed. Taiwanese veteran gouache painter LIN Yu-Shan’s ZHOU Lien Hsi, an ink painting on paper scroll created in 1929, was a selected artwork for the 3rd Taiwan Art Exhibition. It was discovered during the restoration by comparing with old photographs of the original painting that the painting has been cropped smaller. It was hypothesized that the upper portion of the painting may have been severely damaged and was discarded during the last restoration, with the painting restored as a scroll. With no record of how the artwork was originally framed, it was decided to once again restore the painting based on the scroll format opted in the last restoration. ZHOU Lien Hsi before and after restoration
The Conservation of Eastern Scroll Collection的焦點圖
The Conservation of Eastern Scroll Collection
The preservation and conservation of the collection are one of the important functions of the museum, and it is responsible for the mission of continuing the material life to the future generation. After the art collection was reviewed and approved by the Collection Review Conference, it was confirmed that it was the collection of the NTMoFA and the precious movable property.The collection register will give a permanent registration number and establish the basic information of the collection registration, and then the conservator will temporarily store the collections in the temporary storage of the warehouse, and further adapted cleaning, condition inspection, and positioning and storage for the collection. The preservation method is based on the collection of Eastern scroll collections, which are stored in the box of the phoenix tree and stored in the wooden frame of the phoenix tree. Sycamore wood is light and soft, does not warp and dry, has low water absorption and less shrinkage; it can be fireproof and wet, and is quite suitable for making a storage box.The hanging shaft is wound up by the diameter of the ground rod. If the diameter of the ground rod is small and thin, it is easy to produce lateral creases and cracks during the winding. Therefore, the diameter of the ground rod is increased by adopting the method of thickening the shaft of the ground rod to protect the main part of the painting.
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