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About NTMoFA Fine Art Collection

The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts opened in 1988 and reopened in July 1994. The museum is dominated by visual arts. It collects and studies the development of modern and contemporary art in Taiwan. In addition to providing various exhibitions, it has long exchanged with foreign art museums and actively participated. An internationally important exhibition, dedicated to the diversity of themed planning and art education promotion activities, providing an environment where the people appreciate the art.

The collection of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts includes Taiwanese literature works in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Japanese rule, post-war modernism, and multi-development contemporary art works. In recent years, through the Asian Art Biennale, the collection of Asian artists' works has been enhanced. Deepen the study of the development of contemporary art in Taiwan and Asia, and expand the breadth and energy of Taiwan's art and international integration. After 30 years of collection, the collection of about 15,000 works of art is an important material for constructing the development of Taiwanese art history and studying the style of the artists. It can also be regarded as a microcosm of the pulse of society and the development of economic and cultural development in Taiwan. At the same time, the museum implements the "Digital Project of Collections", which will produce high-resolution images of professional color collections in the collections, and has so far digitized more than 14,000 images. And actively through the image authorization, match domestic designers to design cultural and creative derivatives, participate in the Creative Exhibition, combined with VR, MR technology, to provide interactive, immersive artistic experience, in order to market the museum collection, promote image authorization.

In order to be closer to the goal of cultural sharing and openness, and let more people access the classic Taiwanese art works through the Internet, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art also provides a variety of digital services and website platforms. The “NTMoFA Collection" website is designed to meet the demand of users in the collection and image authorization application website in response to the Ministry of Culture's "Reconstruction of Taiwan Art History"plan. The website is designed with the user's demand as the core. And use the United States Getty Art Information Group (CDWA, Categories for the Description of Works of Art) to construct a collection of description bases and structures, and have a membership system to provide researchers, designers, and public and other relevant domestic and foreign people are better, more convenient, and have a personalized online experience.

Invite you to come to the esthetic feast and create your "NTMoFA Collection."

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