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Abstract Painting
Oil Painting 1969
Zao Wou-Ki
Chiayi Yuenchi (Chiayi Park)
Oil Painting 1937
Chen Cheng-po
Mt. Jade Covered in Snow
Watercolor 1989
Ma Pai-sui
Still Life
Oil Painting 1989
Chang Yi-shiung
Mixed Media 1987
Jhuang Jhe
Taking off
Photography 1930
Lang Ching-shan
Sculpture 1951
Chen Hsia-yu
Ming Der New Village
Oil Painting 2004
Li Ming-tse
Looking for Huang Tu-Shuei
New Media 2008
Mei Dean-e
Pearl necklace
Oil Painting 1936
Li Shih-chiao
As Fantasy as Reality
Oil Painting 2010
LEE Chu-Hsin
Peacock in Pride
Eastern Gouache 1982
Lin Chih-Chu
Girl with Beaded Hair
Oil Painting 1990
Wu Syuan-san
Print 2011
Yang Ming-dye
Indoor Still Life (B)
Oil Painting 1942
Zhuang Shr-he
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