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Travel Impressions of Taiwan - Scenic Window Views

The works are divided into four units: Natural Landscapes, Flora and Fauna, Food Culture, and Folk Customs. These 24 masterpieces by 24 artists span the period from Japanese rule (1895-1945) to the new millennium. They not only reflect the landscapes and social milieus of different eras, but also document real life. Culturally speaking, these works preserve traces of life from the past, by which later generations can reminisce or marvel at things that differ from the present day, such as clothing and gradually disappearing temple fairs. 

These works are also the projection and representation of what these artists have seen. They have incorporated their observations of and sentiments for Taiwan, formulating their idiosyncratic styles and interpreting their feelings for the times. If one painting can be said to present an artist’s perspective, those of different artists from different eras joined together can be said to form a diverse landscape. This exhibition aims to integrate art with nature and culture, and when viewed from different perspectives conveys a comprehensive impression of Taiwan.

Train windows are the imagery used to frame these works, which are on display in the Terminal 2 departure hall of the Taoyuan International Airport. Making use of this travel venue brings people and art closer together. This exhibition encourages travelers to view these windows on the diversity of Taiwan before their departure. As these paintings connect artists’ perspectives, travelers are invited to join NTMoFA and these artists in a look back on Taiwan. 

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