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Imagery of Taiwan

  Because of the epidemic, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts has launched an online digital collection exhibition to allow people to enjoy art works online without going out. The "Taiwan Image Digital Collection Exhibition" travels through the history of art from the Japanese occupation period to Taiwan's modern art history. After a century of time and space changes, the artist looks at Taiwan from his own vision and emotions and also looks at the world. How to construct an image that belongs to Taiwan’s aesthetics. In the digital collection of artworks, the artist reproduces the social and humanities, national system, local customs, natural environment and various ethnic groups at that time. In other words, in terms of visual interpretation or narration, among them It is mixed with historical memory, caring for people, realistic metaphors, colonial rule, images, texts, etc. The discourse and aesthetics that present different time and space environments also reflect the immediate problems facing the present.   The "Taiwan Image Digital Collection Exhibition" covers multiple cultures and local discourses, trying to classify the works from the subjects and media of the collection into (1) Landscape and Ecology (2) Life Scene (3) Observe Nature (4) Humanities (5) Historical Evolution (6) Abstract (7) Multiple Media. Visitors can appreciate the history of Taiwan's art history through another visual experience.

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