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Because of the epidemic, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts has launched an online digital collection exhibition to allow people to enjoy art works online without going out. The "Taiwan Image Digital Collection Exhibition" travels through the history of art from the Japanese occupation period to Taiwan's modern art history.
The Moon-Rabbit
Wu Lung-rung
Mt. Jade in Snow
Ma Pai-sui
A Couple of Rabbits
Huang Lei-sheng
The Ghost Festival in Keelung
Hideo Murakami(Wura)
The Monuments:with the Sacrifices of Faunas
Yao Ruei-chung
Banana Series:7
CHO, Yeou Jui
Daniel Lee
Looking for Huang Tu-Shuei
Mei Dean-e
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New Topic
Selected Albums from the Collection of NTMoFA - I.Terroir and sight
Hsinin WU, Yenching CHEN, Hsin HUANG, Ting CHENG.
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